Radiation Standard Levels


Is one level really enough?

Increasing sales of sleeping pills...

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority thinks so!

But we don't!!

Today close to 10% of the Swedish population feel sensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMF) from cell phone towers, use of cell phones or other sources of these fields. However, measured levels of EMF in various parts of the country are thousands times lower than the 'safe' level defined by the mobile phone industry through its organisation ICNIRP and the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority.

Reported average levels of radiation from 3G systems are generally less than 100 µW/m2 in most places. But health problems tend now to pile up since 2001. Figure 1 shows as an example increasing sleeping problems.

Our responsible authority says that levels that are 100 000 times higher are perfectly safe and that no levels need to be defined below this ICNIRP reference level!



Örjan Hallberg, Hallberg Independent Research
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